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Establishment Serial - 2014 : 01-26, 27-50, 51-74, 75-102, 103-135, 136-170

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          RBE NOS.

          1/21                    Systemic improvements related to sports establishments in Indian           Railways.          120/2020
          2/21                    State Railway Provident Fund Rate of Interest during the year 2020-21           (1st January,2021-31st March 2021)          2/2021
          3/21                    Withdrawal of resignation on Central Government Servants appointed after           31-12-2003 covered under the National Pension System (NPS) reg.           3/2021
          4/21                    Filling up the post of Instructors in recognized Training           Institutes-Uniform Guidelines          4/2021
          5/21                    Eligibility criteria for selection to the post of Chief Law Assistant in           Level-7          5/2021
          6/21                    Engagement of staff against posts of SSEs/JEs(Works) in Construction           organization by re-engagement of retired personnel and by engagement on           contract basis.          6/2021
          7/21                    Ease of Partial withdrawal of NPS Subscribers through self declaration           regarding.          8/2021
          8/21                    Relaxation in period of reckoning Sports Achievements for recruitment           against sports quota under Talent Scouting Category for the year 2020-21          9/2021
          9/21                    Monitoring of cases pending for Out-of-Turn promotion (OTP) to           sportspersons.          NIL
          10/21                    Filling up non-gazetted posts on Railways Classification of Posts as           Safety Categories in Traffic Transportation Department (Operating           Department)          11/2021
          11/21                    Admissibility of Direct Recruited pay to the post of Principals in           Railway College/School in terms of MoF's O.M dated 28-09-2018          NIL


          12/21                    Admissibility of Direct Recruited pay to the post of Principals in           Railways College/School in terms of MoF's O.M dt. 28-09-18          NIL
          13/21                    Recognition of Archery Association of India (AAI)-regarding           13/2021
          14/21                    Eligibility criteria for selection to the post of Commercial -Cum-Ticket           Clerk GP.Rs 2000 (Level-I) against 33 & 1/3% and 16 & 2/3% quotas.          16/2021
          15/21                    Special Dispensation for issuance of Privilege Pass Surrender           Certificate (PPSC) of the year 2020 in the year-2021 for availing           Special Cash Package (SCP)          23/2021
          16/21                    Revision of Flat rate of Licence Fee (Standard rent) for Residential           accommodation all over Indian Railways w.e.f 01-07-2020          NIL
          17/21                    Revision of limits of two family pensioners to a Child in respect of           both the parents after the 7th CPC -reg           19/2021
          18/21                    Recognition of Gymnastics Federation of India (GPI) -reg          20/2021
          19/21                    Formation of extended panels for selections/LDCEs for promotion to Group           B posts          15/2021
          20/21                    Central Government Employees Group Insurance Scheme 1980 Tables of           Benefits for the Savings Fund for the period from 01-01-21 to 31-03-21          21/2021
          21/21                    Imposition of incorrect /un intended penalty by Authorities           (Disciplinary/Appellate Revisionary ) reg          22/2021
          22/21                    Creation of Non-Gazetted safety posts          NIL
          23/21                    Cancellation of Periodical Transfer of Staff          25/2021
          24/21                    Clarification regarding Pass/travel entitlement          29/2021
          25/21                    Modifications in the rates of Risk Allowance in consonance with the           DOP&T's orders dated 03-11-2020 under 7th CPC.          30/2021
          26/21                              Coverage under Railway Services (Pension) Rules, 1993, in place of           National Pension System, of those Railway employees whose selection for           appointment was finalized before 01.01.2004 but who joined Railway           service on or after 01.01.2004-regarding.          27/2021
          27/21                    Grant of Dearness Relief to SRPF beneficiaries in receipt of ex-gratia           payment-revised rates effective from 01-07-2017 to 01-07-2019          28/2021
          28/21                    Eligibility criteria for selection to the post of Chief Law Assistant in           Level-7          26/2021
          29/21                    Regulation of MACPs in cases of promotion taking place in the pre           revised pay structure between 01-01-2006 and the date of notification of           CCS(RP) Rules,2008 and the subsequent merger of the pre-revised pay           scales of the promotional and the feeder posts in a common Grade.          31/2021
          30/21                    Clarification regarding Pass/Travel entitlement          29/2021
          31/21                    Modification in the rates of Risk Allowance in consonance with the           DOPT's order dated 03-11-2020 under 7th CPC.          30/2021
          32/21                    Extension of the period of retention of Railway accommodation at the           previous place of posting in favour of officers/staff posted to East           Central  Railway,          32/2021
          33/21                    Modified Assured Career Progression Scheme for Railway Employees           Clarification.          33/2021    PC-VII/168
          34/21                    Holiday Home at Amarkanthak for non-gazetted Railway Employees.          34/2021
          35/21          Date of next increment Rate 10 of Railway Service (Revised Pay)           Rules,2016-regarding.          35/2021   PCVII /169
          36/21                    One time relaxation for retention of Railway Accommodation in view of           2nd wave of Noval Coronavirus -Covid-19          36/2021
          37/21                    Implementation of recommendations of 7th CPC Paras & 11.12.140           grant of grade pay of Rs. 5400/-(PB -2) Level-9 of Pay Matrix to posts           in Accounts Department.          39/2021
          38/21                    Cancellation of Periodical Transfer of Staff          40/2021
          39/21                    Revision of Yardsticks for Accounts Department          41/2021
          40/21                    Extension of timeline for submission of Annual Performance Assessment           report (APAR) in respect of Group C personnel of Indian Railway for the           year 2021-21-regarding          42/2021
          41/21                    Reservation for Economically Weaker Section (EWSs) in Civil Posts and           services in the Government of India (Ministry of Railways) and new post           based reservation roster for direct recruitment for Scheduled Castes,           Scheduled Tribes other Backward classes and Economically weaker           sections.          NIL
          42/21                    Applicability of "Best Amongst the Faiure Scheme" in LDCE examination.          NIL
          43/21                    Safety and other Safety Categories -Revision of list & Format.          NIL
          44/21                    Revision of rate of Variable Allowance (VDA) for contract workers           engaged in various employment/activities w.e.f 01-04-2021          37/2021
          45/21                    Promotion to the Railways Staff of various categories against promotion           quota vacancies-reg          38/2021
          46/21                    Extension of validity of Passes/PTOs consequent to lockdown measures           notified to prevent the spread of COVID-19.          43/2021
          47/21                    Interest Rate on House Building Advance (HBA) for Railway employees.          44/2021

PC-VII No. 171/2021

          48/21                    Creation of Non-Gazetted safety posts.          24/2021
          49/21                    Medical facilities to adopted children -regarding          NIL
          50/21                    Revised rates of Dearness Allowance to Indian Railway employees  w.e.f            01-07--2021                     52/2021
          51/21                    Suspension of family pension to a person charged with the offence of           murdering or abetting in the murder of the government servant. Allowing           family pension to other eligible family member.          48/2021
          52/21                    Retention of railway quarters in the wake of Covid in respect of several           PSUs          46/2021
          53/21                    Central Government Employees' Group Insurance Scheme ,1980-Tables of           Benefits for the Savings Fund for the period from 01-04-2021 to           30-06-2021          47/2021
          54/21                    Permission /regularization of overstayed Railway accommodation in the           wake of Covid 19          55/2021
          55/21                    Grant of Transport Allowance @ Rs.7000/- pm+DA thereon to the IRMS           Officers drawing grade pay of Rs. 10000(now pay level-14 under DACP           Scheme,          54/2021 PC-VI-405
          56/21                    Time limit for submission of claims for Travelling Allowance (TA) on           retirement regarding.          51/2021
          57/21                    Grant of Dearness Relief to Railway Pensioners/family Pensioners revised           rate effective from 01-07-2021          56/2021 PC-VII No.174.
          58/21                    Allotment of an appropriate house to CMDs/MDs of Railway Public Sector           undertaking (PSUs) in project mode and based in Delhi          57/2021
          59/21                    Revised Training Modules of Non-Gazetted Staff of Traffic Department          58/2021
          60/21                    Exists and Withdrawals under the National Pension System regarding.          61/2021
          61/21                    Recruitment Rule for the post of Public Prosecutor in Level-7 of 7th CPC           Pay Matrix.          60/2021
          62/21                    Restoration of Direct Recruitment to the posts in Level 7 of Senior           Section Engineer (SSE)          59/2021
          63/21                    Consolidated instructions regarding delegation of powers to General           Managers w.r.t Air Travel of Railway Officials.          63/2021
          64/21                    Filling up of reserved posts due to non-availability of SC/ST candidates           Ad-hoc promotion.          NIL
          65/21                    Clarification of Children Education Allowance (CEA) during Covit-19           epidemic Lockdown period.          49/2021 PC-VII No. 172
          66/21                    Clarification w.r.t extension of validity of unused passes.          NIL
          67/21                    Revised rates of Dearness Allowance for employees retired during the           period from January-2020 to June-2020 -clarification of Gratuity and           cash Payment in lieu of Leave -regarding.          67/2021
          68/21                    Payment of Productivity Linked Bonus to all eligible non-gazetted           Railway Employees for the financial year 2020-2021          71/2021
          69/21                    Coverage under Railway Service (pension) Rules,1993 in place of National           Pension Scheme.          NIL
          70/21                    Eligibility criteria for filling up the vacancies of JE(P.Way) against           20% LDCE Quota-Clarification reg.          72/2021
          72/21                    Grant of Dearness Allowance to Railway Employees-Revised rate effective           from 01-07-2021          76/2021
          73/21          Grant of Adhoc Bonus for 30 days to the Gr.C RPF/RPSF Personnel for the           financial year 2020-21          77/2021
          76/21          Scheme for filling up the posts Loco Running Supervisors (Chief Loco           Inspectors and Chief Crew Controllers/Chief Traction Controllers)          80/2021

Source : South Eastern Railway CMS Team Last Reviewed : 09-11-2021  

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