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01. Shri A.K.Ghosh, Dy.CEE/CON/KGP

02. Shri Debasis Dos, Sr.DEE/C/SRC

03. Shri Biswajit Ghose, Sr.DEE/EOG/SRC

04. Shri C.R.Mandal, DEE/CHG/SRC

05. Shri Gaurav Puraiya, ADEE/Power Carr./SRC

06. Shri A.R.Das, Dy.CEE/Con./CKP

07. Shri Sanatan Aind, Sr.DEE(G)/RNC

08. Shri Master Mukesh, DEE/OP/RNC

09. Shri B.K.Sinha, Sr.DSO/RNC

10. Shri Dhaneswar Mohanta, Sr.DEE/TRD/RNC

11. Shri Ramoshish Yadav, ADRM/RNC

12. Shri Vinod Kr. Aggarwal, CEE/GRC

13. Shri Jainendra Singh, DEE(Con.)/KGP

14. Shri V.P. Saraf, ADRM/Adra

15. Shri Goutam Banerjee, DRM/KGP

16. Shri Rajiv Agrawal, DRM/CKP

17. Shri B.P.Singh, CEE/CON/GRC

18. Shri A.K.Hemrom, Dy.CEE/CON/GRC

19. Shri Kishore Kumar, CELE/GRC

20. Shri Ranjan Srivastava, CEDE/GRC

21. Shri N.K. Mohanty, CEGE/GRC

22. Shri Punkaj Gupta, CETE/GRC

23. Shri D.K.GoeL CETE/GRC

24. Shri Sandip Roy, Dy.CEE(OP)/HQ/GRC

25. Shri A.K.Majumder, Dy.CEE/HQ-cum-Secy to CEE/GRC

26. Shri P.S,Kerketta, Dy.CEE(TRD)/HQ/GRC

27. Shri Madan Singh, GM/RITES CG to BMRC/Bangalore

28. Shri H.K.Pandey, Sr.DEE(OP)/ ADA

29. Shri A.K.Mukherjee, Sr.DEE/TRD/ ADA

30. Shri R.K. Dwivedi, DEE/TRS/BKSC

31. Shri Shashi Kant, ADEE/TRD/ ADA

32. Shri S.D.Sharma, Sr.DEE/OP /CKP

33. Shri Atul Kumar, Sr.DEE/TRD/CKP

34. Shri Abhimanyu Seth, Sr.DEE(TRS)/Tata

35. Shri S.K.Pal, Sr.DEE(G)/CKP

36. Shri Anant Sadashiva, Sr.DEE(TRS)/BNDM

37. Shri Smarajit Haldar, DEE/TRD/CKP

38. Shri Ajay Kumar, DEE/TRS

39. Shri V.K.Rulania, DEE(G)/CKP

40.Shri Babul Barman, DEE/TRS/BNDM

41. Shri S.K.Singh, ADEE/OP /CKP

42. Shri Kuldip Kumar, ADEE/TRS/Tata

43. Shri Waseem Siddiqui, ADEE-I/TRS/BNDM

44. Shri Sukumar Samanta, Sr.DEE(OP)/KGP

45. Shri Sk. Aftabuddin, Sr.DEE/TRD/Suburban/SRC

46. Shri A.K.Solanki, Sr.DEE

47. Shri Sunil Sahu, Sr.DEE/TRD/Co./KGP

48. Shri Shamim Ahmad, Sr.DEE/TRS/SRC

49. Shri A.K.Keshari, Sr.DEE(TRS)/TPKR

50. Shri Sanjeev Kumar, DEE/TRD/KGP

51. Shri Biplab Dash, DEE/TRS/KGP

52. Shri B.C.Chakraborti, DEE/TRD/SUB/GRC

53. Shri S.K.Meena, ADEE(G)/PDPK

54. Shri K.P.Adhikari, Dy.CEE(W)/KGP(W/s.)

55. Shri B.C.Roy, Dy.CEE)W-II)/KGP(W/s.)

56. Shri Maniruddha Kulavi, Dy.CEE(ERS-POH)/KGPW

Source : South Eastern Railway CMS Team Last Reviewed on: 30-10-2014  

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