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Carriage Shop




1. Introduction

Carriage Shop has been the heart of Kharagpur Workshop since its introduction in the year 1917. Presently the shop is carrying out POH of the following type of rolling stocks

  • ICF design Coaches
  • LHB design coaches
  • EMU coaches
  • MEMU coaches
  • DMU/ DEMU Trailer Coaches
  • Tower Wagons
  • Other departmental coaches like RCC, NMG, Inspection carriages, ART/ARME coaches etc.

Apart from normal POH work, the shop also undertakes conversion work of ICF design coaches to NMG, RCC, ART/ ARME, Inspection carriages, Wheel coaches etc. The shop also carries out complete refurbishment of coaches against RSP sanctions.The shop also carries out maintenance of Treasury vans against deposit works.

2. Brief of different Shops of Carriage Shop:

The Carriage shop is having 8 mechanical shops and 02 electrical shops viz :

Shop No. 24: Wooden Fittings Shop: This shop deals with the manufacturing/repairing of toilet doors of coaches.

Shop no.25: Medium Corrosion Repair (MCR)Shop: This shop undertakes Periodic Overhauling (POH), MRR works of SALOON coaches& Medium Corrosion Repair of conventional BG Coaches of ICF Design, LHB Coaches as nominated. All POH activities include mechanical stripping, Under Frame and Shell repair works, Interior Furnishing works, Interior Finishing works, Offering POH Coaches for examination by NTXR and for final turning out from workshop.

Shop no.26: Light Corrosion Repair (LCR)Shop: This shop involves repair in shell repair, furnishing of coaches and finishing works. Coach movement by Traverser also pertains to this shop. Again complete coach is offered to NTXR & Divisional TXR for inspection at Fit line. Finally offering the Turned-Out Coaches to CYM.

Shop No. 27 & 28: LiftingShop: In this shop lifting, lowering and POH of Bogie of all types of ICF design coaches, LHB design coaches and EMU, MEMU & DEMU coaches, as well as all types of departmental coaches like Inspection carriages, ART/ARME, RCC, Wheel coach etc is done .The dismantling, POH& Assembling of Screw Coupling, CBC & Schaku coupler is also carried out here. The inspection, testing & coding of various types of Springs and Dampers is also being involved.

ShopNo.29:FittingShop: This shop deals mainly with manufacturing and fitting of carriage components /spares as required by ancillary shops such as 26, 33 and 25 for POH purpose. Basically this shop is known as feeder shop to all shops of carriage.

Shop No. 30: Air brake and Waterpipe shop: This shop performs POH of Air Brake system with brake riggings as well as POH of Water Pipes and Water Tanks of ICF, LHB, EMU, MEMU and DEMU coaches. POH of Hand brake system of ICF and LHB coaches is also carried out.

Shop No. 31: Painting shopPaint shop involves in all sort of painting activities of carriage wing. All ICF coaches , EMU/MEMU coaches/ERU & all sorts of departmental coaches are painted in this shop including saloon. Recently this shop upgraded its painting work from Alkyd paint to PU paint. All the painting activities are done by spray. Recently LHB Bogies are also done by spray painting .Beside these paint shop also involves in various other miscellaneous works of painting and sign Writing activities, such as model painting , designation board writing ,polishing etc.

Shop No. 32:Trimming shop: Visual inspection and marking of damaged seat and berths of incoming off POH coaches. Memo given to concern shop for stripping. Unloading of stripped berths from incoming coaches. Bringing to shop, Re- cushioning and carpentry work of damaged seat and berths .Despatch of finished berths to different shops as per demand.

Shop No. 33: Heavy Corrosion Repair (HCR)Shop: Shop no: 33 is a heavy corrosion repair shop for POH work of Conventional (ICF/RCF/LHB), Non- Conventional(EMU/MEMU/DEMUetc.) and others departmental coaches(RCC,ART,ARME,RU,RS etc.). Besides this the shop also works for different kinds of conversion and modification work for various departmental coaches.

3. Center of Excellence units of Carriage Shop

The shop is having 03 centres of excellence units viz: (i) LHB Bogie POH section,(ii) Distributor Valve(DV) overhauling Section,(iii) BMBC overhauling section, brief of which is depicted below:

(i) LHB/FIAT Bogie POH section:

In overhauling of LHB bogie, the bogie needs to be lifted and kept at a height for accessing the undergear components. Pneumatic controlled work centers have been developed for bogie placement and easy access. Pneumatic power tools are also provided with the work centre.


(ii) DV overhauling Section:

Responsible for disassembly, cleaning, assembly testing of Distributor Valve. The distributor valve is cleaned for dirt ,muck and scaling. An air blow gun is used for cleaning the DV.