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RegNo.Name of the candidate of Ex-employee, Design.StationCategoryDate of Death/ TerminationDate of applicationDate of receipt in Rectt SectionName of the P.IDate of handing over to PI for investigationDate of receipt from PI after investigationPresent status
1TR/11/13Sri M.Chandra Sekhar Rao, S/o.Late M.K.Rao, Ex.CLM-I under SMR/LTK.TR2/13/20047/18/20124/8/2013M.C.Gope4/8/2013 Under investigation of PI
2001/14Sri ShivPrakash Jha, S/o Lt. Prem Chandr Jha, Ex-Hd. Const. under OC(RPF)/BDM.C9/23/201312/10/20131/21/2014V.Raghav1/21/2014 Observation to be complied by the candidate.
3003/14Sri Rohit Deep,S/o.Lt. Krishna Charan, Ex. PM-A under SMR/TATA.C7/2/20131/4/20131/21/2014R.Kumar1/20/20142/17/2014Observation to be complied by the candidate.
410/14Smt. Rajni Gope, W/o.Lt. Rakesh Chandra Gope, Ex. T/Man under Dy.CE(Con)/ CKPD10/8/20091/29/20142/7/2014M.C.Gope2/10/2014 Under investigation of PI
5012/14Sri Sanjay Mukhi, S/o.Lt. Nirakar Mukhi, Ex.MCM under SSE(C&W)/BNDM.C9/29/20112/12/20142/24/2014P.Kumar2/24/20144/10/2014 
612/14Sri Karambeer Rajak, S/o. Sri Dinabandhu Rajak, Ex.Sr. Tr.Man under SSE(P.Way)/ MOUD14/08/2013(Decat.)3/7/20143/13/2014M.C.Gope3/18/2014 Under investigation of PI
7036/14Sri Rajendra Nag, S/o.Lt.Smt. Nini, Ex.Tech-III under SSE(C&W)/TATA.C10/16/20082/17/20146/9/2014R.Kumar6/9/20149/5/2014Letter sent to HQ on 18.07.14 for clarification of Education Institution. Reminder issued on 14.08.14.
8TR/22/14Sri Murari Jaira, S/o.Late Mohan Jaira, Ex.C/A Gr.II under SSE(Sig)/TATA.TR2/17/20026/9/20147/15/2014R.Kumar7/30/201411/3/2014Under investigation of PI (Case with APO-I on 29.12.14)
9050/14Sri Ramesh, S/o.Lt. Mavalal, Ex.Pass.Gd. Under Ch.DTI/ TATA.C1/18/20136/26/20148/4/2014R.Kumar8/4/20149/5/2014Observation to be complied by the candidate.
10TR/25/14Sri Atish Chandra Mukhi, S/o.Lt. Shankar Mukhi, Ex.MSW under CHI/CKPTR7/24/20115/5/20148/11/2014P.Kumar8/11/2014 Under investigation of PI(Observation to be complied by the candidate.)
11057/14Sri D.Dhananjay Rao, S/o.Lt.N.Loknath Rao, Ex.Hd.Clerk under CYM/BNDM.C1/24/20068/26/20149/15/2014P.Kumar9/15/2014 Case with PI
12TR/31/14Sri Santosh Kumar Tiwary, S/o.Lt.(Smt) Sunayana Devi, Ex.Tech-II under SSEE(G)/TATATR2/12/20137/12/20149/22/2014R.Kumar9/22/201407.01.2015Under investigation of PI(Observation to be complied by the candidate.)
13064/14Sri Ramesh Oram, S/o.Lt. Tema Oram, Ex.Hd.Tr.Man under SSE(P.Way)/ROU.C28.01.200208.10.201415.10.2014B.K.Sinha15.10.2014 DRM's observation to be complied
14065/14Sri Suraj Banda, S/o.Lt. Parsuram Banda, Ex. Sr. Tr.Man under SSE(P.Way)/ ROXY.C21.10.200815.09.201415.10.2014B.K.Sinha15.10.2014 To be put up to Sr.DPO
1532/14Smt. Rita Karwa, W/o.Lt. Jiten Karwa, Ex.KH under Sr.DEE/ TRS/BNDM..D17.05.201317.10.201410.11.2014P.Kumar10.11.2014 Under investigation of PI
1634/14Smt. Meena Devi, W/o.Lt. Devendar Yadav, Ex.Jr.Tr.Man under SSE(P.Way)/CBSAD09.07.201302.11.201410.11.2014G.Das10.11.201415.01.2015To be put up to DRM
17069/14Sri Kasta Singh, S/o.Lt. Baikuntha, Ex.Helper-I under Dy.CE(Con)/ROU.C21.01.200729.09.201410.11.2014B.K.Sinha10.11.2014 Under investigation of PI
18071/14Ku.T.Anita Kumari, D/o.Lt. T.Babu Rao, Ex.Hosp.Att. Under CMS/CKP.C02.06.201403.11.201419.11.2014P.Kumar19.11.2014 DRM's observation to be complied
19073/14Aquib Idris, S/o.Lt. Md. Idris, Ex. Sr.Tech. under Sr.DEE/ TRS/BNDM.C27.10.201210.11.201419.11.2014P.Kumar19.11.201429.01.2015To be put up to Sr.DPO
20077/14Smt. Binapani Mohanta, W/o.Lt. Gurupada Mohanta, Ex.SMR under SMR/ROUC5/10/201411/27/201412/8/2014B.K.Sinha12/10/2014 Under investigation of PI.
21081/14Sri Ramdas Jamuda, S/o.Lt. Budhan Singh, Ex.EBS-I under SSE(P.Way)/CKP.C07.08.201410.12.201415.12.2014P.K.Murmu15.12.2014 Put up to Sr.DPO
22082/14Smt. Nilima Rani Baa, W/o.Lt.Sushil Baa, Ex.Jr.TNC under CYM/BNDM.C07.07.201412.12.201422.12.2014P.Kumar23.12.2014 Under investigation of PI
23083/14Sri Mantosh Kumar Singh, S/o.Lt.Sambhu Nath, Ex.TP under SMR/KMPD.C16.06.201419.09.201422.12.2014B.K.Sinha23.12.2014 Under investigation of PI
24084/14Smt. Banita Nayak, W/o Lt. B.P Nayak, Ex-Hd. TE under CTI(L)/CKP.C17.03.201221.11.201424.12.2014M.C.Gope24.12.2014 Put up to Sr.DPO
25085/14Sri Sohan Oran, S/o.Lt. Budhu Oran, Ex.PM-A under SMR/CKP.C15.11.201318.12.201424.12.2014M.C.Gope24.12.2014 Under investigation of PI
2635/14Smt. G.Chittamma, W/o.Lt. G. Shyamal Rao, Ex.MCM under SSE(C&W)/BNDM.D10.10.201025.11.201423.12.2014P.Kumar23.12.2014 Under investigation of PI(Observation to be complied by the candidate.)
2736/14Smt. Bapi Tanty, W/o.Lt. Balram Tanty, Ex.RRB under CCC(E)/CKP.D16.11.201323.12.201424.12.2014M.C.Gope24.12.2014 Under investigation of PI
2801/15Ms.D.Pallavi Rao, UM D/o.Lt.Jagadiswar Rao, Ex.FO Gr.I under SSE(Works)BXFC12/7/201211/3/201405.01.2015B.K.Sinha05.01.2015 Under investigation of PI
2902/15Sri John Tamsoy, S/o.Lt.(Smt) Sarojini Tamsoy, Ex.Helper under SSE(Tele)/CKP.C2/27/201412/29/201405.01.2015M.C.Gope05.01.2015 Under investigation of PI
3003/15Sri R.Akshay Kumar, S/o.Lt. V.R.Rao, Ex.Sr.Tech under SSE(G)/JSG.C3/8/201410/22/201405.01.2015B.K.Sinha05.01.2015 Under investigation of PI
3104/15Sri Karam Singh Angaria S/o.Lt.Lal Singh Angaria, Ex.Constable under DSC/CKPC5/24/20121/7/201508.01.2015S.K.Mukherjee08.01.2015 Under investigation of PI
3205/15Smt.Priyanka Bai Meena, W/o.Lt.Vinod Kumar Meena, Ex.ALP under CCC(E)/DPSC6/17/20141/13/201519.01.2015G.Das19.01.2015 Under investigation of PI
331/15Smt. Laxmi Pradhan, W/o.Lt. Niranjan Pradhan, Ex.Tech-III under SSE(C&W)/ADTPD6/29/201412/12/201419.01.2015B.P.Singh19.01.2015 Under investigation of PI
342/15Smt. T.Indu Devi W/o.Lt. P. Sanmukh Rao, Ex.TP under CYM/ADTP.D9/21/20091/9/201519.01.2015B.P.Singh19.01.2015 Under investigation of PI
353/15Smt. Sushila Devi, W/o.Late Rajendra Kumar, Ex.Peon under Sr.DEE(OP)/CKP.D11/11/201312/30/20142/3/2015M.C.Gope2/3/2015 Under investigation of PI
364/15Sri Shanky Thakaral, S/o. Sri Manjit Singh, Ex.TNC under CYM/TATA.D22/09/2014(Med.Decat)1/6/20152/9/2015R.Kumar2/9/2015 Under investigation of PI
3706/15Sri Ghanshyam Purty,
S/o Lt. Soban Purty, Ex.Tech-III under SSSE(C&W)/DPS.
C8/14/20091/8/20152/2/2015G.Das2/2/2015 Under investigation of PI
3807/15Sri Singa Bobonga, S/o.Lt. Golak Bobonga, Ex.Sr.Tech under Sr.DME(D)/BNDM.C8/17/201412/31/20142/5/2015P.Kumar2/5/2015 Under investigation of PI
3908/15Ms. Sonam Kumari, D/o.Late Rabi Kumar Singh, Ex.Sr.TPM under CYM/BNDM.C4/16/20011/20/20152/5/2015P.Kumar2/5/2015 Under investigation of PI
4009/15Sri Prem Kumar Bankira, S/o.Late(Smt) Chinta Bankira Ex.Ayah under CMS/TATAC11/2/20138/28/20142/9/2015R.Kumar2/9/2015 Under investigation of PI
41010/15Miss Geeta Mukhi, D/o.Late Mohan Mukhi, Ex.MSW under RPHO/TATAC4/17/201412/10/20142/9/2015R.Kumar2/9/2015 Under investigation of PI
42011/15Sri Samu Banra, S/o.Lt. Janardan Banra, Ex.TLFI under SSEE(G)/TATAC6/10/20149/12/20142/9/2015R.Kumar2/9/2015 Under investigation of PI
43012/15Sri Sudanshu Ram, S/o.Late Sankar Ram, Ex.Khalasi underSSE(Works)/ROUC02.11.198821.10.20142/9/2015B.K.Sinha2/9/2015 Under investigation of PI
44013/15Sri Dukhbandhu Kisan, S/o.Lt. Mani Kisan, Ex.Hd.Tr.Man under SSE(P.Way)/GP.C11/10/201312/24/20142/9/2015B.K.Sinha2/9/2015 Under investigation of PI
45014/15Sri Raiser Bag, S/o.Lt. Khatu Kisan, under SSE(P.Way)/GPC09.02.201424.12.20142/9/2015B.K.Sinha2/9/2015 Under investigation of PI

Source : South Eastern Railway CMS Team Last Reviewed on: 01-12-2015  

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