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11962 Electric Loco Shed, Tatanagar was established in the year 1962 under the supervision of SNCF Railway. Tata Electric Loco Shed then became the 2nd Electric Loco Shed in Indian Railways. The Shed started functioning with a holding of 69 locomotives.
21964 Electric Loco Training Centre, S.E. Railway, Tatanagar made a modest beginning in the Year 1964 neighboring Electric Loco Shed, Tatanagar, has traversed a long way in its endeavour to achieve the growth of the institution infusing vigour and vitality into the Human Resource function of Training & Development.
31976 Traction Motor Repair Shop started with modest beginning of rewinding of WAG1 and WAG4 type of armature by the end of 1976.
4197606/02/76General Managers Inspection and inauguration of Traction Motor Repair Shop
51978 With increase in loco holding it was impossible to carry out the running maintenance work in the original shed. The new shed therefore was constructed in the year 1978 and the original shed was converted as Traction Repair Shop.
61978 Thereafter, rewinding / repair of WAM4 type of armatures was started in 1978.
71978 Up to the Year 1978, TRS was only tackling armatures and had to depend on CLW for Stators
81978 Average monthly outturn of Rewound armature was 2.4 Nos. in 1978.
91978 Auxiliary motor rewinding in the year 1978 was 107 Nos.
101979 Expertise on rewinding EMU armatures was developed in the year 1979. Apart from rewinding, TRS has attained complete knowledge of "how to over re-shafting of MG armatures.
111979 In the year 1979 TRS has developed the expertise of Stator rectification after installation of Pensotti Vertical boring machine. TRS has attained this unique achievement as this work is done only in TATA apart from CLW in Indian Railways.
121980 Necessary machines for re-shafting TAO armatures have arrived in the year 1980
131980 TRS is also rewinding Auxiliary Motors at the rate of 10 to 12 motors per month in 1980.
141982 First loco transformer with coil burnt, was taken for repair in August 1982commissioned and tested in Feb ‘1983.
151982 Auxiliary motor rewinding in the year 1982 was 193 Nos.
161983 Average monthly outturn of Rewound armature was 4.1 Nos. in 1983.
171983 Manufacturing of coils for rewinding Traction Motor armature MG1420 (WAG1 loco) started in the year 1983 for which Traction Repair Shop was depending on Trade.
181984-85 TRS has developed Jigs and Fixtures for undertaking repairs of Smoothing Reactor (SL) and is capable of keeping independent from Trade for repair of Smoothing Reactor (SL) in1984-85 and the outturn was 06 Nos.
191986 Shifting of one EOT crane from Traction Repair Shop to ELS/TATA – 1986.
201990 Testing Bay Line No. 3,4 (KGP end) extended & two pits were made in Line 3 & 4 – 1990
211991-92 Provision of Line No. 8 pit – 1991-92
221998 Adjudged as BEST Electric Loco Shed in S.E.RLY
23199911/05/99Dissolved Gas Analyzer inaugurated by Sri V.K.AGARWAL, CEE/GRC.
24199930/10/99Automatic TIG Welding Plant inaugurated by Sri V.K.AGARWAL, CEE/GRC.
25199920/11/99Hindi library inaugurated by CMM/S.E.RAILWAY
26199905/11/99Heavy Lifting Bay extension by Sri V.K.AGARWAL, CEE/GRC.
27199905/11/99Light Lifting Bay extension by Sri V.K.AGARWAL, CEE/GRC.
28200029/04/00Extension of Administrative Office inaugurated by Sri V.K.AGARWAL, CEE/GRC.
292003-04 Adjudged as BEST Electric Loco Shed in S.E.RLY for the year 2003-04 for all round performance in Electric Loco maintenance. This award was given jointly with TKPR Car Shed and ELS/TATA.
30200409/09/04Inaguration of VERTICAL TURRET LATHE MACHINE.
32200505/01/05Inaguration of500T WHEEL PRESS MACHINE
33200501/03/05Wheel Centre Shop inaugurated by Sri R.P.REHAN, CELE/GRC.
34200621/02/06Computerised Time Office inaugurated by SRI R.P.REHAN, CEE/GRC in presence of SRI S.TRIPATHY, CELE/GRC
35200701/06/07All the Computers of The Electric Loco Shed, Tatanagar, CTRC (Old Shed, Tata) and Residence of Sr.DEE/TRS/TATA are connected in a Single Network through Wired & Wireless LAN. The Data exchange between all Computers become so easy due to this Networking. Even Printing on a Paper of the Daily Position was stopped by the then Sr.DEE/TRS/TATA, because he becomes able to access the Daily Position file of PPO's PC from his Residence itself.
36200701/12/07RFID (Radio Frequency Identity Card) Attendance System introduced in Electric Loco Shed, Tatanagar for Error-Free Attendance of the ELS/TATA-Staff being supported by a Software.
3720089/26/2008Loco No. 22529 SRC base, was taken for major schedule Inspection IOH at ELS/TATA on 14.07.08. Report by ELS/SRC was given that Centre Pivot No. 1 body side base plate was cracked and also the welding of all around the centre pivot was cracked and needed changing. After receiving the full unit (CP assembly) from SRC shed on 09.09.08 a group of staff headed by a supervisor (SSE MECH-Sri A.SAMPAYO) of ELS/TATA has taken up the challenge and with shear perseverance and dedication completed the task on 26.09.08. As this type of job was never carried out in ELS/TATA since 1962 and the group of staff of ELS/TATA has shown an intricate job by accepting and successfully completing the work as first time in the history of ELS/TATA which is appreciable.
38200929/12/09The Re-winding of HITACHI Motor First time started at ELS/TATA. In this regard the new Re-winding Equipments have been procured and installed.
40201015/03/10ELS/TATA homed 1st three phase loco 31239 & 31240.
41201021/03/10The Mazor & Minor Schedule maintenance of 3 Phase Locomotives (WAG-9) started with Two Nos. of Loco Holding i.e. Loco No.: 31239/31240. The Locos were warmly welcomed by all Officers & Staffs of ELS/TATA.
42201001/06/10The panther security servicesfor 24x7 security service at ELS/TATA., CTRC/TATA & ELTC/TATA.
43201101/02/11micro processor based two plane rotor balancing m/c at CTRC/TATA.
44201101/02/11Installation of EOT Crane of 15 Ton capacity Alpha Services Make.
45201125/03/11Installation of EOT Crane of 35/6 Tonnes X 14.002 mtrs span, Double Girder.Make : SAICO at CTRC/TATA.
46201101/08/11The Loco Troll System was first time introduced in Indian Railway at Electric Loco Shed, Tatanagar in WAG-9 Locomotive. This System enables the Railway Traffic to lessened shunting time at Originating & Termination Point of the Rail Reck. This System was commissioned by M/S. ARC, Bangalore.
47  Inauguration of new canteen inside TRS/Tata premises.
48  Staff lockers are distributed among all staff of ELS& CTRC/Tata in place of very old and dilapidated lockers.
49201114/07/112nd high vacuum type transformer oil purification oil is commissioned at ELS/TATA
50201126/07/11A new sintered bronze filter element cleaning equipment is commissioned at ELS/TATA.
51201222/12/12Relay test & calibration room at E-4 section in ELS/TATA.
52201218/05/12The Glorious History has been created by Electric Loco Shed, Tatanagar with completion of it's 50 Successful running Years. The Golden Jubilee Celebration is celebrated with our Chief Guest"Sri. Kulbhushan" Hon'ble Member Electrical, Railway Board in honourable presence of Sri. A.K.Verma, General Manager, S.E.Railway,Sri. V.K.Agarwal, CEE, S.E.Railway, Sri. Achal Khare, DRM/CKPand Sri. Abhimanyu Seth, Sr.DEE/TRS/TATA.
53201301/04/13Commissioning of Axle Turning Machine (CNC) at CTRC/TATA
54201218/05/12"Sri. Kulbhushan" Hon'ble Member Electrical, Railway Board was overwhelmed with this Glorious Golden Jubilee Celebration and given a Award of Rs. 2,00,000/- (Two Lakhs) to Electric Loco Shed, Tatanagar for it's successful Completion of 50 Years in the History of maintaining the Electric Locomotives of different category of Indian Railway.
55201204/07/05The Mazor & Minor Schedule maintenance of WAP-4 Locomotives (Specially for Passenger Train) started with Three Nos. of Loco Holding . The Locos were warmly welcomed by all Officers & Staffs of ELS/TATA.
56201204/07/05ELS/TATA adjudged as BEST Electric Loco Shed in S.E.RLY for the year 2012 for all round performance in Electric Loco maintenance.
57201301/04/13The Commissioning of CNC Axle Turning Lathe Machine at CTRC/TATA. The Axle turning gains more accuracy with help of this CNC Lathe Machine.
58201323/05/13A new Feather has been added to the Crown of Electric Loco Shed, Tatanagar, because Electric Loco Shed, Tatanagar has become An ISO 9001::2008 Certified Shed.
59201315/06/13Inauguration of Locotrol System . Flag off Locotrol Train at TWS.
602013 DPWCS unit successfully commissioned in WAG7 locos equipped with MPCS, STC and Tri plate Pneumatic Panel first time in Indian Railway
612013Sep 2013EOT Crane Gantry Rail Replacement first time since the commissioning of TRS/TATA.
622012 Adjudged as BEST Electric Loco Shed in S.E.RLY on 58th Railway Week Celebration.

Source : South Eastern Railway CMS Team Last Reviewed on: 12-03-2014  

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