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FILE NUMBERING SYSTEM: File Booklet on new File Numbering System published. Hard copies of the booklet in under print and would be made available to all shortly. Please download the soft copy of the booklet here 

                                                                                                                                                                                    ENGAGEMENT OF MEDICAL PRACTICIONER IN SOUTH EASTERN RAILWAY 
Employment Notice No: 02/2021 (Med) CMP /CH/Garden Reach (IRHS Vacancy)                                                                                                         



Date of publication

          Provisional Integrated Seniority list of S&WI cadre                     16-04-2021                                            
          Provisional Integrated Seniority list for promotion to the post AEN 70%                    08-04-2021                                            
          Provisional Integrated Seniority list for for GrB Selections (70%) for           organised Services (Except Personnel & Accounts)                    09-04-2021                                            
          Filling upof 05 posts of Sr.Instructor (Maintenance) in Level           7-ELTC/TATA                     30-03-2021                                            
          Integrated Seniority list for promotion to the post of  AEN_GR-B           70%                    01-03-2021                                            
          Filling up the 05post of Sr.Insructor (Maint) in level 7 in ELTC/TATA                    17-12-2020                    10-02-2021                                 
          Filling up of vacancies of Ch.Law assistant against 60% promotional           quota                    26-11-2020                    10-02-2021                    04-03-2021                    15-04-2021           
          Filling up the posts in various categories of PCOM's Office/GRC                    19-11-2020                                            
          Filling up of post OS &  Sr.Clerk  at CPOR's Office/GRC on           deputation basis.                    28-09-2020                                            
          Selection for the post of Commercial Inspector(HQ Controlled)-75%           Departmental Quota                    15-09-2020                    24-11-2020                    25-11-2020                      
          Selection for the post of Jr.Clerk-cum-Typist in Level-2- Fresh           Notification                    14-09-2020                    01-02-2021                    18-02-2021                      
          Filling up of 11 posts  Instructors in s&T Training centre/KGP           under s&T Department                     17-08-2020                                            
          General selection for filling up of a vacancy of Publicity Inspector           04-08-2020                                            
          Options for temporary posting as Care Taker for safe home.                    03-08-2020                                            
          Filling up of vacancy of Ex-cadre post of Sr. Civil Defence           Instructor/Inspector                     31-07-2020                                            
          Viva-Voce of CLA                    30-07-2020                                            
          Filling up the vacancy of Work Study Inspector(Ex-cadre) in PB 2 with           Grade Pay Rs.4200/- in Efficiency Cell under control of AGM.                    27-07-2020                                            
          Filling  up the post of OS  20% LDCE Quota                    19-02-2020                    20-07-2020                    22-09-2020                    19-01-2021                    18-02-2021
          Selection to the post of Staff & Welfare Inspector (35%) in Level 6                     10-02-2020                    17-07-2020                    09-03-2021                      
          Selectio for formation of a panel of Law Officer -Gr.B                    23-01-2020                                            
          Selection for formation of a panel of ACM/ACO against 70% vacancies in           SER.                    18-11-2019                    06-12-2019                    10-01-2020                      
          Formation of GrB panel of ASTE                    05-11-2019                    09-12-2019                                 
          Selection for formation of a panel of Asstt. Health Officer (Gr.B)          22-10-2019                                            
          RE-ENGAGEMENT NOTICE-02/2019                    21-10-2019                                            
          Filling up of 2 posts of Instrutor at EMU/MEMU TRAINING CENTER/TPKR                    03-10-2019                                            
          Selection for promotion of Asst. Pharmacy Officer                    26-09-2019                    24-10-19                                 
          Selection for promotion of Law  Officer                    26-09-2019                    29-10-19                                 
          Selection for promotion of a panel of APO(Gr.B) against 30% LDCE                                                 CORRIGENDUM                    23-09-2019                    12-12-2019                                 
          Filling up of vacancies of CLA against 60% promotional quota           |           Readiness for written Examination                     12-09-2019          20-01-2020                    03-07-2020                      
          Formation of Gr B panel of ANO -Medical Department                    12-09-2019                    23-10-19                    10-12-2019                    11-12-2019           
          Filling up the vacancy of Protocol Inspector in GM's Office/GRC                    27-08-2019                                            
          Formation of Gr.B Panel of AME/AWM -LDCE-30%                    14-08-2019                    12-12-2019                    06-01-2020                      
          Selection for formation of a panel of AEN (group-B) against 30% -LDCE          09-08-2019                    22-11-19                    02-12-2019                      
          Filling up of vacancy of Work Study Inspector(Ex-cadre)                               Options  called for  2nd time                    08-08-2019                    11-11-2019                                 
          Selection for formation of a panel of Rajbhasa Adhikari-Gr.B                    23-07-2019                    14-11-2019                    21-11-19                      
          Formation of Gr.B panel of AOM/SS through LDCE -30%                    19-07-2019                    04-11-2019                    26-11-2019                      
          Formation of Gr.B panel of AMM                    12-07-2019                    10-12-2019                    10-01-2020                      
          Selection for formation of a panel of AEN (gr.B) against 70% vacancies                    05-07-2019                    28-08-2019                    03-10-2019                    24-10-19           
          Formation of a panel of Rajbhasha Adhikari                    25-06-2019                                            
          SELECTION FOR FORMATION OF A PANEL OF LAW OFFICER-GR.B                    12-06-2019                                            
          Panel of CLA                    11-06-2019                                            

                    EMPLOYMENT NOTICE NO: - 01/2019 (Med) CMP-CH/GRC.                               #Result#                               # Posting Order#

          Selection for filling up of Ex-Cadre post of Librarian                    10-04-2019                                            
          Result of Nursing Superintendent (Staff Nurse)                    03-04-2019                                            
          Formation of Gr.B panel of AEE through ldce AGAINST (30%) QUOTA           -Electrical Dept.                    25-03-2019                    26-06-2019                    28-08-2019                    14-11-2019           
          Seniority list of PA, level 7 and Stenographer Gr.I Level -6 for PS-           Gr.I -Gr.B Selection          


                    27-03-2019          30-10-19                    19-11-2019           
          Willing/Unwillingness for selection to the post of PS-Gr.I(Gr.B) in PB-2           Rs.9300-34800,GP Rs. 4800/--6th PC Level 8 in 7th PCin S.E.Railway          


                    Filling up the vacancy of Protocol Inspector in GM's Office-GRC          18-01-2019                                            
          Re-engagement  Notice for the post of Consultant (Protocol)                    11-01-2019                                            
          Selection for formation of a panel of AOM/SS(Gr.B) against 70% Quota                    03-01-2019                    14-03-2019                    26-03-2019                    01-04-2019           
          CORRIGENDUM                    02-01-2019                                            
                    Formation of Gr.B panel of ASTE thrugh LDCE-30%          07-12-2018          


                    Selection for promotion of a panel of Assistant Chemist & Metallurgist           -Gr.B          06-12-2018          


                    Formation of Gr.B panel of AMM gainst 70% quota          04-12-2018          


                    Readiness for Written Examination for selection of CLA | Date of           Written Examination of CLA Result          20-11-2018          


                    Written test result for  ASTE -70%          08-11-2018                                            
                    Selection for formation of a panel of AEE(Gr.B) against 70% vacancies          12-11-2018          


                    Engagement of an Ayurvedic Dispenser at Ayurvedic Unit/GRC under SBF          25-10-2018                                            
                         Viva-Voce test for ANO(Gr.B) will be held on 15.11.2018 at 11.00                Hrs.                    01-11-2018                                            
                          Filling up of the posts in various categories of PCOM's Office/GRC.                    25-10-2018          


                          Filling up of 13 posts of Instructors at S&T Training Center-KGP                    23-10-2018                                            
                          Walk in Interview for engagement of Medical Practitioners -01 post                (CMP -Dental) on contractual basis.                    10-10-2018                                            
                          Selection for formation of a panel of ACM/ACO(gr.B) against 70%                vacancies in SER.                    15-10-2018                    05-12-2018                    28-12-2018                      
                          Selection for formation of a panel of AME/AWM (Gr.B) against 70%                vacancies                 RESULT                    11-10-2018                    26-10-2018                    14-11-2018          




                         Selection for formation of a panel of ANO-Gr.B          09-10-2018                    14-11-2018                                 
                         Formation of Gr.B panel ACM/ACO through LDCE against 30%                vacancies-Commercial Department CORRIGENDUM                    08-10-2018          11-10-2018                     04-12-2018                     01-01-2019                     05-08-2019 |21-08-2019

Re-engagement of retired Canteen Bearer at OTR/GRC under PCPO  Office Re-engagement of retired Peonunder CPRO Office. Re-engagement of retired Motor Vehicle Driver for PCSTE's Office/GRC
 Re-engagement of retired employee-COOK | Re-engagement of retired employees in PCME's Office

Syllabus for recruitment against Compassionate grounds in Group-C category. Please click here to download.

Syllabus for the Written Examination (2nd Stage) for the post of JE on Compassionate Ground. Please Click here. For Civil Engg., Computer/IT Engg.  Mechanical Engg. Printing Tech. Electrical Engg.

BOOKLET ON WORK PROCESSES: A Booklet on streamlining of Work processes of Personnel Department has been published by Shri Manoj Pande, Chief Personnel Officer, South Eastern Railway for uniformity in procedures and general guidance. Please click here to download the booklet. 

Source : South Eastern Railway CMS Team Last Reviewed on: 04-06-2021  

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