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Bulletin -2

20.00 hrs


Kolkata, 7th April, 2023:

Train services of South Eastern Railway have been partially affected due to agitation by a group of people at Kustaur Station in Adra-Chandil section of Adra Division and Khemasuli Station in Kharagpur-Tatanagar section of Kharagpur Division from 05.04.2023. However, the reasons of the agitations are not related to Railways. As a result of the agitation, total 306 trains have been cancelled since 05.04.2023.

Cancellation of Trains o­n 07.04.2023

1.12820 Anand Vihar- Bhubaneswar Express

2.12828 Purulia-Howrah Express

3.18011 Howrah-Chakradharpur Express

4.18013 Howrah-Bokaro Steel City Express

5.08695 Bokaro Steel City-Ranchi Passenger Special

6.18085 Kharagpur-Ranchi MEMU Express

7.18116 Chakradharpur-GomohMEMU Express

8.13301 Dhanbad-Tatanagar Express

9.13512 Asansol-Tatanagar Express

10.18183 Tatanagar-Danapur Express

11.12883 Santragachi-Purulia Express

12.18036 Hatia-Kharagpur Express

13.18035 Kharagpur-Hatia Express

14.18184 Danapur-Tatanagar Express

15.13511 Tatanagar-Asansol Express

16.12884 Purulia-Howrah Express

17.13302 Tatanagar-Dhanbad Express

18.18086 Ranchi-Kharagpur MEMU Express

19.18115 Gomoh-Chakradharpur MEMU Express

20.18012 Chakradharpur-Howrah Express

21.18014 Bokaro Steel City-Howrah Express

22.08696 Ranchi-Bokaro Steel City Express

23.13287 Durg-Rajendranagar Express

24.12827 Howrah-Purulia Express

25.18181 Tatanagar-Thawe Express

26.12262 Howrah-Mumbai CSMT Duranto Express

27.12814 Tatanagar-Howrah Express

28.12021 Howrah-Barbil Jan Shatabdi Express

29.22861 Howrah-Kantabaji Express

30.18033 Howrah-Ghatsila Express

31.20827 Jabalpur-Santragachi Humsafar Express

32.22823 Bhubanewsar-New Delhi Rajdhani Express

33.18009 Santragachi-Ajmer Express

34.12152 Shalimar-LTT Express

35.28182 Katihar-Tatanagar Express

36.13288 Rajendranagar-Durg Express

37.22843 Bilaspur-Patna Express

38.22862 Kantabanji-Howrah Express

39.18034 Ghatsila-Howrah MEMU Express

40.12860 Howrah-Mumbai CSMT Gitanjali Express

41.12870 Howrah-Mumbai CSMT Express

42.12875 Puri-Anand Vihar Express

43.12022 Barbil-Howrah Jan Shatabdi Express

44.18030 Shalimar-LTT Express

45.12813 Howrah-Tatanagar Express

46.12810 Howrah-Mumbai CSMT Mail

47.12906 Shalimar-Porbandar Express

48.18615 Howrah-Hatia Express

49.12130 Howrah-Pune Azad Hind Express

50.18005 Howrah-Jagdalpur Express

51.12834 Howrah-Ahmedabad Express

52.18006 Jagdalpur-Howrah Express

53.18616 Hatia-Howrah Express

54.12801 Puri-New Delhi Express

55.12859 Mumbai CSMT-Howrah Gitanjali Express

56.12876 Anand Vihar-Puri Express

57.12833 Ahmedabad-Howrah Express

58.15630 Silghat Town-Tambaram Express

59.12802 New Delhi-Puri Express

60.17321 Vasco Da Gama-Jasidih Express

61.07256 Secunderabad-Patna Special

62.18610 LTT-Ranchi Express

63.13352 Alappuzha- Dhanbad Express

64.12101 LTT- Shalimar Express

65.12129 Pune- Howrah Azad Hind Express

66.12262 Howrah- Mumbai CSMT Duronto Express

67.12809 Mumbai CSMT-Howrah Mail

68.18029 LTT- Shalimar Express

69.12949 Porbandar- Santragachi Express

70.18019 Jhargram- Dhanbad MEMU Express

71.18020 Dhanbad -Jhargram MEMU Express

Cancellation of Trains o­n 08.04.2023

1.18011 Howrah-Chakradharpur Express

2.18013 Howrah-Bokaro Steel City Express

3.08696Ranchi-Bokaro Steel City Passenger Special

4.12021 Howrah-Barbil Jan Shatabdi Express

5.12022 Barbil-Howrah Janshatabdi Express

6.12828 Purulia- Howrah Express

7.12833 Ahmedabad-Howrah Express

8.18012 Chakradharpur- Howrah Express

9.18014 Bokaro- Steel City Howrah Express

10.18615 Howrah- Hatia Express

11.22606 Villupuram- Purulia Express

12.12375 Tambaram- Jasidih Express

13.20971 Udaipur- Shalimar Express

14.22893 Sai Nagar Shirdi-Howrah Express

15.12221 Pune- Howrah Duronto Express

16.12101 LTT -Shalimar Express

17.12129 Pune -Howrah Azad Hind Express

18.12130 Howrah- Pune Azad Hind Express

19.12152 LTT -Shalimar Express

20.12222 Howrah -Pune Duronto Express

21.12801 Puri -New Delhi Express

22.12802 New Delhi- Puri Express

23.12809 Mumbai CSMT -Howrah Mail

24.12810 Howrah -Mumbai CSMT Mail

25.12813 Tatanagar- Howrah Express

26.12814 Howrah-Tatanagar Express

27.12834 Howrah-Ahmedabad Express

28.12859 Mumbai CSMT - Howrah Gitanjali Express

29.12860 Howrah- Mumbai CSMT Gitanjali Express

30.12871 Howrah -Titalagarh Express

31.12883 Santragachi -Purulia Express

32.12884 Purulia-Howrah Express

33.12906 Shalimar-Porbandar Express

34.13287 Durg- Rajendranagar Express

35.13288 Rajendranagar -Durg Express

36.13301 Dhanbad -Tatanagar Express

37.13302 Tatanagar -Dhanbad Express

38.13352 Alappuzha-DhanbadExpress

39.18006 Jagdalpur -Howrah Express

40.18012 Chakradharpur- Howrah Express

41.18014 Bokaro Steel City -Howrah Express

42.18019 Jhargram- Dhanbad MEMU Express

43.18020 Dhanbad- Jhargram MEMU Express

44.18029 LTT -Shalimar Express

45.18030 Shalimar- LTT Express

46.18035 Kharagpur- Hatia MEMU Express

47.18036 Hatia -Kharagpur MEMU Express

48.18115 Gomoh -Chakradharpur MEMU Express

49.18116 Chakradharpur -Gomo MEMU Express

50.18182 Thawe -Tatanagar Express

51.18183 Tatanagar- Danapur Express

52.18184 Danapur- Tatanagar Express

53.18616 Hatia- Howrah Express

54.22824 New Delhi- Bhubaneswar Rajdhani Express

55.22862 Kantabanji- Howrah Express

56.22891 Ranchi- Howrah Express

57.22892 Howrah -Ranchi Express

58.28181 Tatanagar- Katihar Express

59.20817 Bhubaneswar- New Delhi Rajdhani Express

60.20822 Santragachi -Jabalpur Humsafar Express

61.22830 Shalimar- Bhuj Express

62.22512 Kamakhya- LTT Express

63.15028 Gorakhpur -Hatiya Express

64.   13319 Godda-Ranchi Express

65.   05671 Kamakhya-Ranchi Special

66.12818 Anand Vihar- Hatia Express

67.17007 Secunderabad- Raxaul Express

68.18005 Howrah -Jagdalpur Express

79.   18085 Kharagpur- Ranchi Express

7018086 Ranchi- Kharagpur Express

Cancellation of Trains o­n 09.04.2023

1.18478 Yog Nagari Rishikesh - Puri Express

2.18011 Howrah- Chakradharpur Express

3.18019 Jhargram -Dhanbad MEMU Express

4.18020 Dhanbad- Jhargram MEMU Express

5.22844 Patna-Bilaspur Express

6.18013 Howrah- Bokaro Steel City Express

Short Termination/Short Origination of Trains

1.22605 Purulia-Villupuram Express journey commencing o­n 07.04.2023 will be Shot Originated from Adra

2.12859 Mumbai CSMT-Howrah Gitanjali Express leaving Mumbai CSMT o­n06.04.2023 will be Short Terminated at Tatanagar

3.12827 Howrah – Purulia Express journey commencing o­n 08.04.2023 will be Short Terminated at Adra.

Apart from this, some Mail/Express Trains are running o­n diverted route.


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