Up dated on 30.06.09


Passenger desirous of traveling in second class unreserved coaches in superfast trains should purchase the supplementary charge ticket before commencement of the journey failing which they will have to pay higher excess charge as per rule in addition to the supplementary charges .

The supplementary charge is not levied in the case of Members of Parliament traveling on identity cards and Railway staff and their families traveling on duty Privilege Passes or tickets purchased against PTOs.

The season ticket holders are permitted to travel by unreserved coaches of certain superfast trains, by paying second class Mail / Express. Supplementary surcharge for each journey separately or who are wishing to purchase monthly surchage ticket may be permitted to do so on payment of surchage equivalent to 15 single journeys for MSTs and equivalent to 45 single journeys for QSTs   in addition to MST /  QST fares and it should be issued to the MST / QST holders on demand . The validity period of these surcharge tickets will be the same as of MST / QST.