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Vision Statement

Vision Statement of S&T(As on 31.10.22)

  1. Safety
    1. To improve safety, all worn out Lever Frames/Panel Interlockings to be replaced by Electronic Interlocking/Panel Interlocking.
      1. In S.E Railway, of the total 315 block stations, there are 23old and overaged Lever Frames as o­n 31.10.2022. 23 stations are sanctioned for replacement by EI/PI.
      2. 15 RRI/PI/EI are over & need replacement o­n age cum condition basis. All RRI/PI/EI are sanctioned.
    2. All Station section to be completely Track circuited and all Block Sections upto D route to be provided with LVCD/BPAC to enhance safety in respect of verification of line occupation.
      1. For detection of train in the station yard, full track circuiting at stations has been provided at 315 stations of SER.
      2. To check complete arrival of trains, BPAC/LVCD is required at 310 Bock sections for A, B, D-spl and D route. It has been provided at 302 block sections of SER. 
    3. For safety of road users, interlocking of all due L.C.Gates shall be done.
      1. For safety of road users, L.C Gate interlocking is provided at 379 L.C.Gates. Work is sanctioned for interlocking at 2 L.C.Gates. 
    4. Provision of LED signals for better visibility and reliability to loco pilots.
      1. To improve signal visibility LED signals are provided at 315 station of SER. 
    5. To improve the reliability, IPS (Integrated Power Supply) shall be provided at all Stations, IBH, L.C.gates and Auto-signalling.
      1. To prevent no light situation, IPS is provided at 292 stations. The work for provision of IPS will be done along with EI commissioning.
    6. To improve safety at high speeds, the communication based signalling and Mobile Train Radio Communication (MTRC) along with Train Protection & Warning System (TPWS)/Train Collision Avoidance System (TCAS) shall be provided o­n ‘A’ and ‘B’ routes.
      1. The work for Train Protection and Warning System (TPWS) for safety in train operation shall be provided o­n A & B routes of S.E.Railway. The TPWS provide aid to the train driver to prevent consequences arising out of SPAD (Signal Passing at Danger) and to control train within specified limits.
      2. The Mobile Train Radio Communication (MTRC) provides ground based mobile communication for Voice, data and bearer services with Railway specific requirement Like call specific person depending o­n location, o­n train intercom, public emergency voice call, automatic fax, train control applications, etc. The MTRC shall be provided o­n A & B routes of S.E.Railway (691.7 RKm).
    7. On board train information to passengers regarding train running shall be provided inside the trains.




  1. Improving productivity.

 Automatic block signalling shall be provided to improve the capacity of sections o­n’ A’/ ‘B’ routes and Intermediate Block Signals shall be provided to improve the capacity o­n other sections having bottlenecks.

      1. To improve the section capacity, the Auto-signalling is provided o­n 194.6 RKm o­n A & D-Spl routes of S.E.Railway. The works for replacement of overdue autosignalling are also sanctioned.
      2. To further enhance the capacity o­n balance A & B routes (Kharagpur-Tatanagar, Rajkharsawan-Jharsuguda and Kharagpur-Bhadrak), it shall be proposed to provide Auto-signalling.

    Train Management System (TMS) shall be provided o­n all divisions of SER.

      1. The Train Management System (TMS) aids in Centralized Real time Monitoring of Train Traffic for enabling efficient decision making for traffic control of large section. The work for Train Management System (TMS) is sanctioned for HWH-KGP section of SER. It is required to be sanctioned in other 3 divisions of SER.
    1. Provision of dataloggers for preventive maintenance.
      1. Data loggers, that are useful for predictive maintenance, failure analysis and helping to conclude inquiries into the accidents/unusual occurrences, have been installed at 307 stations of SER. The works are sanctioned for provision of data logger at rest stations.

Passenger Amenities.

    1. The Train Indication Boards and Coach indication Boards shall be provided at A1, A, B & C and A1, A & B class stations respectively for train information to passengers at the station.
      1. For better services to customers (Passengers), Coach Indication Boards (CIB) shall be provided o­n A1, A & B Class stations o­n all Platforms for prior information to passengers about location of each coach of arriving train o­n platform. It has been provided o­n 19 stations and work in progress for 2 stations.
      2. The Train Indication Boards (TIB) helps the passengers by displaying information of Trains arrival/departure with Platform. The Train indication Boards shall be provided at all A1, A, B & C class stations of S.E.Railway. It has been provided at 32 such stations and the work is required to be sanctioned for balance 16 stations, 01 station is already sanction.
    1. For safety of passengers, CCTV systems shall be provided at all A1, A & C class stations.
      1. The CCTV systems are necessary for surveillance and security of passengers. CCTV shall be provided at all platforms of A1, A & C class stations of S.E.Railway. It has been provided o­n 25 such stations and work is required to be sanctioned for provision of CCTV at 35 balance stations.
    1. Wi- fi facility at all feasible stations i.e. 247 Nos. already provided with the help of Google, Tata Trust & RCIL.

Source : South Eastern Railway CMS Team Last Reviewed : 14-11-2022  

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