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AC Traction - Distribution is o­ne of the most important aspects of Electrified Railways that ensures a safe, modern and cost effective Railway technology to cater the growing demand of passenger and freight traffic o­n Indian Railways with excellence. The main vision behind the creation of this department is to minimize the outgoing of foreign exchange for purchase of Diesel over Indian Railways.

The  main goal  of  TRD  department  is  to  achieve  constant  &  uninterrupted  25 KV AC  power  supply  through  OHE  for  safe  passage  of  trains  through  the  stations.  This  is  also  a  system which  eliminates  the human failures  while  dealing  trains.  The  design  of  different  types  Traction  installation  used  is  such that to ensure a fail safe operation.

Different electrical equipments like- Transformers, Circuit Breakers, CT, PT, BM, OHE Masts, Conductors, Insulators, Bonds etc. are integrated in such a manner to ensure safety & reliability of the system through continual improvements in maintenance.


The TRD organization is the heart of Electrical department. This organization was formed in the year 2001-02 in South Eastern Railway, Ranchi division. The Complete tracks of Ranchi division (Except Ranchi- Lorhardaga section) were electrified with 25 KV AC traction in the year 2001-02. The electrified Route Kilometer and Track Kilometer of Ranchi division is 348.65 RKM and 589.09 TKM respectively. Total staffs o­n roll are 198, Men/TKM = 0.34.

Source : South Eastern Railway CMS Team Last Reviewed on: 09-07-2014