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Traction Sub-Stations & Switching Posts

The power supply to the entire section over Ranchi Division, is presently fed by five Traction Sub-Stations(TSS) out of which four TSSs namely Tatisilwai, Lodhma, Bakaspur, and Bano are receiving power supplyfrom JSEB and rest o­ne TSSs namely Muri is receiving  power supply from  DVC. In order to bifurcate theOHE into sector and sub-sector for proper isolation for maintenance or during emergencies 23 nos.switching  stations have been provided out of which 08 are SP and rest 15 are SSP.


Maintenance Depots

There are total seven Maintenance depots to maintain the Tr-D assets, out of which five depots arecarrying out maintenance of OHE assets and rest two depot maintains PSI assets. This organizationsetup facilitates the efficient management of resources.


Break-down vehicles

The deployment of Seven Tower Wagons, three Swaraj Mazda, two hired Trucks and o­ne Tata Mobile tovarious depots are done o­n the basis of quantum of work and geographical configuration of theirjurisdiction. Special care has been taken while deploying eight wheeler Tower Wagon at Hatia, Muri andBano keeping in view the maintenance of all section and its efficient utilization/assistance to other depotsas and when required.


Remote control of Power Supply Installations through SCADA system

One Traction Power Control Board is now functioning in the divisional office at HTE for monitoring &controlling the OHE power supply over division. PC based Supervisory Control and Data Acquisitionsystem has been commissioned for operation and monitoring of power supply equipment’s. All thetraction SP and SSP in Ranchi division are unmanned and are being monitored through PC basedSCADA system.

The Remote Control Unit is monitoring the system for the trouble free functioning of the SCADA systems.




Source : South Eastern Railway CMS Team Last Reviewed on: 09-07-2014