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Located in region of Chotanagpur Plateau, Chakradharpur Division serves the rich mineral areas of Jharkhand and North Orissa. Geographically, its Railway lines run in districts of East and West Singhbhum, Ranchi and Gumla of Jharkhand and Sundargarh, Keonjhar, Mayurbhanj, Sambalpur, Jharsuguda of Orissa state.



Chakradharpur Division history is traced back to 22 January 1890 when Purulia-Chakradharpur Railway line was opened as part of Nagpur-Asansol Railway line project of erstwhile Bengal Nagpur Railway. The line was later extended to Howrah and Chakradharpur Division got its dimension of the ‘steel chip division’ when Jamshedji Tata set up Tata Iron Works at Sakchi and Tata Badampahar line was commissioned in Feb. 1911 to transport iron ore to Tata Iron Works. Later new iron ore deposits in the region were found and new lines were laid to Gua, Banspani, Barbil and Bolani in Dongoaposi sector and Barsuan and Kiriburu in Kiriburu sector progressively up to Dec'63.


Rajkharsawan – Dangoaposi section with heavy grades and catering to the heavy traffic of iron ore was among the first section taken up for electrification on 25 KV and the same was commissioned in Aug. 60. Later, main line Tatangar to Jharsuguda was electrified and by 1969 most of the existing electrified sections were put in place.


Chakradharpur Division came into being in 1962 with divisionalisation of the Railways and later reorganized with setting up of Sambalpur Division in the year 1988 Main line from TATA-JSG forms part of diagonal of golden quadrilateral with heavy density of traffic.



Chakradharpur Division providing rail head for rich iron ore deposits and other minerals essential for steel making, serves all major steel plants in this area i.e. TISCO at TATAs and Rourkela, Bokaro and Burnpur(IISCO) plants of SAIL. TISCO and Rourkela Steel Plant are located within the Division and apart from the raw material, finished products from these plants are also transported by CKP Division.




The ElectricalOperation branch of CKP Division is responsible for running of Electrical Locomotives over TATA-JSG, RKSN-DPS Circuit, SNY-CNI, ROU-BRMP, BNDM-KRBU/BXF and BNDM-NXN section and various sidings are being hauled by a fleet of Electric Locos consisting of WAM-4, WAP-4, WAG-5, WAG-7 & WAG9 . There are 2 Electric Loco Sheds within the jurisdiction of this Division i.e. Tatanagar and Bondamunda and 4 Crew Booking Points in the Division i.e. TATA, DPS, CKP & ROUand 10 Running Rooms under the control of Electric Operation at TATA, DPS, CKP, ROU, JSG, BSPX ,DMF, MOU, JRLI & NOMD and 2 Rest rooms at BBN & GX. CKP, ROU & JSG Running Rooms are departmentally managed and rest are out sourced.


A.Reliability: To ensure the reliability of electric locos, the powers are monitored and offered for trip scheduled inspections.

B.Computerisation of CrewLobby: Efforts are being made to computerise all Loco Lobbies for the purpose of Crew Booking through Computer and maintaining various data in it.Computerised Crew Booking has been introduced in all lobbies in CKP division under Sr.DEE(OP)/CKP.FOIS terminal has been provided in TLC office. CMS has been implementedin all the lobbies under Elect(OP).

C.Special Drives: For improving the performancefollowing drives have been conducted:

1. Safety2. Punctuality

3. Anti-stalling4. Train Parting

5. Energy Conservation              6. Surprise night inspection

7. Ambush checking                                   8. Ambush breathanalyser

test & speed check

D.Human resources development:

1.Yogacummeditationcamps timetotime. Campsare being organised to distress the running staff.

2.Regular yoga classes at ROU, CKP & TATA running rooms.

3.Safetyseminarsarebeingconductedtoenhancetheawarenessofrunningstaff towards safety.

4.Grievancesredressalsystem :APOalongwithPIvisitalllobbiestoaddress personnel issues.

5.Simulatortrainingforboth3 phaseas wellasconventionallocos, tohelpcrewin accuracy skills needed for train operation.

6.Systemof formalinteraction atboth CLI & officerlevel, inwhichcrew can put up his professional/ personal issues for quick redressal.

Source : South Eastern Railway CMS Team Last Reviewed on: 11-05-2016