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vFor implementation of the concept of divisionalisation of Stores all the stores activities to be organized by Sr.DMM in their respective division.

vPresently General items stocked at KGP General Stores Depot are to be collected by the divisional consumer or dispatched by the KGP Dep. through SLD service or through road transport which takes considerable time to reach the consignee and incur substantial expenditure through transportation. The concept of divisionalisation of Stores is meant to reduce this time and expenditure by setting up General Stores Depot at CKP to cater to the need of all consumer of this division particularly stock items with efficiently and effectively. Uniform cell which is now under the control of Sr.DPO/CKP to be brought under the umbrella of GSD/CKP.

vImplementation of e-procurement system.

vRequirementfor the project : 1) Construction of New office building covering an area 40'x60' = 2400 sqft. approx.. Comprising of ledger section, Tender section, Sales section, Purchase section, Auction cell, Chamber's of Sr.DMM, DMM & AMM.

v2) Auction Hall 30'x20' sqft. approx.

v3) 4 Nos. of wards for storage of stock item for Division, measuring 20'x80' = 1600 sqft.

Source : South Eastern Railway CMS Team Last Reviewed on: 27-09-2012