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To deliver the Youth programme effectively the Training of the Adult leaders is organized at State level and National Level.

The Training programme for the adult is governed by the Scheme of Trainingof Scout and Guide Wings.

The Training Programme for Adult Leaders are classified broadly in 3 categories

  1. Training Programme for Unit Leaders those who are attached to the Units.
  2. Training of Leaders of Adults – Commissioners, Secretaries, Organisers etc.,
  3. Trainers Training – Leaders who conduct the Training of the Unit Leaders.

Training of Unit Leaders.

  1. Introductory Course – One Day*
  2. Basic Course for Unit Leaders – 7 days
  3. Advanced Course for Unit Leaders – 7 days.
  4. Himalaya Wood Badge Course for Unit Leaders - 8 days**

The Unit leaders Training Courses are conducted separately for Cub, Scout and Rover Sections in Scout wing and Bulbul, Guide and Ranger Sections in Guide Wing.

* Introductory course is not required in Guide Wing,

** In Guide Wing HWB Course duration is 7 days.

For Advancement of skills specialized courses are also organized

  1. Pioneering cum Estimation Course
  2. First Aid Course
  3. Mapping and Stargazing Course
  4. Campfire Leaders Course
  5. Quarter Masters Course
  6. Sea Scout Leaders Course
  7. Air Scout Leaders Course
  8. Grameen Scout Leaders Course
  9. Vocational Training Course
  10. Handicraft course
  11. Yoga course

The above courses are organized at the National Level as well as State level.

Training of Adults Leaders

  1. Basic Course for Commissioners – 5 days –
  2. Advanced Course for Commissioners – 5 days
  3. Course for Secretaries – 5 days
  4. Course for Organisers– 5 days
  5. Course for Group Leaders -5 Days

Trainers Training Course

  1. Pre- ALT Course – 5 days – selection of Trainers
  2. Course for Assistant Leader Trainers – 7 days
  3. Course for Leader Trainers – 7 days

Source : South Eastern Railway CMS Team Last Reviewed on: 16-01-2013