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                                                                  DUTIES OF TRAIN PERSONNEL  
                                                                  DUTIES OF COACH ATTENDENT

     He Shall:-

     1.Ensure that all internal fittings of the coach are in working order.

     2.Assist the Conductor in accommodating passengers boarding enroute.

     3.Prevent entry of unauthorized persons in the coach.

     4.Check passengers tickets in the absence of the Conductor/TTE.

     5.Assist passengers in arranging food.

     6.Give wake-up calls to passengers as requested.

     7.Lock the compartment securely when the train is in motion and the vestibule doors at night.

     8.Attend to minor electrical/mechanical faults and call in maintenance staff to attend to major repairs.

     9.Arrange supply of bed rolls.

Ensure the Bathrooms/Compartments are cleaned regularly

                                                                                                 Updated as per October 2016 Time Table

Source : South Eastern Railway CMS Team Last Reviewed on: 04-11-2016