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TRAINING- The working hours of the institute is 09.00 hrs to 16.45 hrs from Monday to Friday & from 07.00 hrs to 13.00 hrs o­n Saturday’s. Classes should be attended in time. Strict discipline is to be maintained by all the trainees inside ZRTI premises. If any clarification is required they should contact the Course Incharge /Ch. Transportation Instructor/Vice Principal.

Minimum 90 % Attendance in classes is required for a Trainee to appear in an Examination. Trainees below 90% attendance shall be debarred from the examination and shall be sent back to their HQ. Normally no leave is allowed to RefresherTrainees.

Uniform/Dress Code:

    The Dress/Uniform code is prescribed for all initial/refresher trainees as under.

Yoga /PT & Sports:

    Gents- o­ne set of white Trousers & T-shirt with White PT Shoe.                                                                                                        Ladies- o­ne set of White Salwar –Kurta & Dopatta with White PT Shoe.

Trainees for Initial Courses :  Pro.ASM/ Guard/ Tfc.Appt.-Ph-I,II&III  

Gents:  White Shirt – White Trousers-Black Shoe.          

Ladies: White Kurta- White Salwar Dopatta & ladies Shoe

Trainees for Initial Courses :  Pro CC/TE/ECRC/Comml.Appt.-Ph-I,II&III/Others  

                                                   Gents:  White Shirt –Black Trousers-Black Shoe.                                                                                  Ladies: White Kurta- Black Salwar Dopatta & ladies Shoe.

Trainees for Refresher Courses   :  As per their prescribed Uniform.

Note: No male trainee shall be allowed with sandals/sleepers in the class rooms. Decorum in class should be strictly followed.

Source : South Eastern Railway CMS Team Last Reviewed on: 01-01-2016