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Overhauling, Reconditioning

  • AC/Non-AC, EMU Motor/Trailer coaches.
  • All types of vacuum brake/air brake 4Wheeler/8Wheeler wagons.
  • Diesel Locomotives.
  • Electric Locomotives.
  • Steam and Diesel Cranes.
  • Weighbridges.
  • Wheel & axles of Railway vehicles.
  • Distribution transformers, pumps, industrial motors, DG sets, alternators and welding plants.
  • Machinery & Plants and road vehicles


  • Forging work.
  • Casting of ferrous and non-ferrous items.
  • Plate work and fabrication.
  • All types of Machining and finishing  components. 
  • Repairs of wheel-sets.
  • Manufacturing of Bridge Channel Sleepers.
  • Repairs of Laminated Bearing Springs.
  • Re-winding of Traction Generator and Traction Motors of WDM2 Loco- motives.
  • Coils for Traction Machines.
  • Pneumatic panels for WAP4 Locos.

Facilities Available

  • CNC Machines.
  • All types of cutting Machines.
  • Metal forging and upsetting M/Cs
  • Jig Boring Machines.
  • MIG & TIG Welding Sets.
  • Physical, Chemical and Metallurgical Analysis.
  • Ultrasonic and Zyglo testing M/Cs.
  • Drivers' Training Simulator.
  • Training School.

Source : South Eastern Railway CMS Team Last Reviewed on: 01-04-2018